My 5 Favorite Beauty Products of All Time

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There are some beauty products you wear, run out of, and wait a while before re-buying but then there are those products that you just can’t go without. Here are 5 of my favorite beauty products that I’m obsessed with and have been for quite some time now.

1. Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush | Tarte | color: Exposed

This blush is the most perfect shade! I would imagine that this color would go well on any skin tone. It gives off a summer sun-kissed pink glow to my cheeks. Because it’s a neutral pink, it looks very natural while enhancing your own skin tone. I can’t brag about this color enough. It goes on very light so you can build how dark you want it to be.

2. Skin Foundation Stick | Bobbi Brown | color: Warm Almond 

This product is marketed as foundation, but I use it as a bronzer and a contour shade. It is very smooth and easy to apply, and the color adds a warm tan to my face. Depending on your skin color, you may want to choose a different color that is a better match for your skin. There are plenty of colors to choose from.


The consistency of the formula is tight enough to glide on your face just in the areas you want it go which is what makes it a perfect contour stick. It blends seamlessly and hydrates your skin. Another great idea, is to buy this is stick in a lighter color to use as a highlight color. Of course, you could always use it as your foundation too. I would imagine that this a medium-full coverage foundation.

3. Bathing ‘All Over Me’ Scented Body Mist | Benefit Cosmetics

This is one of the greatest products out there! I’m not sure exactly what to call it; perfume or body oil. It smells so good and hydrates your skin! On a rushed morning, it’s perfect to get your skin hydrated and your perfume on at one time. The spray bottle squirts out a very fine mist so it’s not cold on your skin either. Because it has an oily consistency, it adds a nice slight shimmer to your skin making you glow! Even though it is an oil, it’s not greasy in the least bit and dries quickly.

4. Contour Lip Liner | Ulta | color: Spice

This lip liner is so natural sometimes it’s the only makeup I’ll wear on my face. When I’m feeling lazy and need to go out in public, I apply this lip liner to make my lips look a little bigger and a tad bit darker. This liner glides on like butter but stays in place because it has a smear proof formula. Also, on Ulta’s website, it says there are many emollients added to this liner to keep your lips hydrated! For me, this color works perfectly because it matches my lip color almost to the T. You may want to look into other colors for yourself.

5. Foundation Brush | Sakura 

This brush is impossible to find anymore so I added a similar brush to the links. I love foundation brushes though! I think sometimes this brush is better then my beauty blender because it can really blend out any dark spots in one area, if I over applied my makeup. I especially love to use this with the Bobbi Brown foundation stick listed above, when contouring my cheekbones.


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