elle km, is a lifestyle blog by Katrina Manetta featuring beauty, fashion, and more.

elle / french for “she”
“Katrina Manetta” / km

She is Katrina Manetta.

Katrina is a 20-something year old, trying to have it all, and show the world how to do it. In the 21st century, we live in the most technologically advanced society there has ever been. We have fast paced lives and attempt to balance work with our lifestyle. For people today, especially young women, we’re expected to have a good career, eat healthy, dress nicely, have good relationships, be the mom, the cook, the bread winner, and the list goes on.

“Don’t be too confident, too demure, too social, too bold, too sexy, but be all of those things”

Katrina wanted to create a space to share her lifestyle with others in hopes that they too can create a balanced lifestyle and achieve all their goals and dreams. Not only does she want to provide, inspiration and ideas, but how to find the time, money, and sanity. While her interests and expertise expand across the board, one thing remains, her firm stand in the world is that the world works for everyone and no one is left out. Her content reflects her personal taste for beauty and luxury in life, while still offering humility and realness. Katrina’s inspiration comes from art, music, culture, food, and people.

“I’m living a dream. My hopes for this blog is that people have a place to come to, to find inspiration and information that they can take back to expand the quality of their own lives so they can live a dream too.”

-Katrina Manetta

Currently, Katrina holds a bachelors degree in Sociology from Oakland University and is working at a mortgage company. Her area of expertise comes from years of experimenting, shopping, and researching skin care, makeup, and fashion products becoming an educated consumer. She also holds extensive leadership training and has coached individuals to become leaders in their own lives.