Be Bold: A Guideline For Gaining It All

Too often are we settling at half best and too often are we settling at society’s standards, to try to fit in. It’s so much easier to go along, to get along. It’s so much easier to not stand out, to not make anyone upset, to not be pushy. It’s so much easier to just blend in the crowd, be nice, and follow the “rules”. Why? Nobody questions you and nobody looks at you weird. In other words, you get to look good, instead of different, weird, or BOLD. What a relief! But really, it’s natural for human beings to want to look good and its a HUGE threat to our social status and identity to look bad. We will go to great lengths to avoid looking bad and I’m not just talking about our appearance. Let me first point out, that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. For many of us, it brings great confidence to know you look good in this moment but what about the times that looking good is costing us?

Being bold is the willingness to look bad, to gain something better. For example, wearing red lipstick to the beach. It’s not often you see people wearing red lipstick at the beach. Some of us may shy away from something like this because it might tell people that we’re too high maintenance (which looks bad), we’re inappropriately dressed (which looks bad), or we’re immature (which looks bad). On the flip side, we gain confidence, self-validation, and we got to wear what we wanted to wear regardless of what society tells us to wear.

Maybe that example is small but imagine when it comes to something big, like accomplishing a goal or a dream; would you be willing to risk looking bad then? Maybe you have an idea that you want to bring to your boss, but the only time they’ll listen to you is at the weekly meeting. You’ll have to risk looking bad, in front of all your colleagues, but what you could gain usually outweighs that, i.e. that promotion you’ve been eyeing for the last year.

The biggest area we need to be bold in, is persistency. Too many times do we give up early because we’re afraid if we ask one more time, we’ll be rejected again, and it will look bad. My view on this is that if I asked once, got rejected, and survived, I could do it again. I could do it again and again until, I got the result I wanted. Of course, you might have to go back and change the way you asked, tweak what your asking for, and change the conditions, otherwise you are going to get the same result. In case you are still struggling with the idea of being persistent, here’s some food for thought.

  • 27 different publishers rejected Dr. Seuss’s first book
  • John Grisham’s book, A Time to Kill, was rejected 28 times. He has now sold over 250 million copies.
  • Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before being financed to create Disney World
  • Edison made 1,000 attempts in creating the light bulb
  • Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC, made 1009 investors an offer, before someone finally said yes

Moral of the story, be bold, my friends. It can make you a millionaire.

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