5 Benefits of Taking a Lavender Bath

I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite things to do and that’s relaxing in a bath. It’s the perfect way to wind down a long, busy day. I know it’s been pretty warm out these days but your bath doesn’t have to be super warm and you can rinse in cool water after. There’s something about sitting in warm water that releases tension from your muscles, calms your thoughts, and eases your mind. I take my baths at night because they make me sleepy, especially when I add lavender essential oil to the water. Lavender is known as one of the most relaxing and calming scents. If you are having anxiety, this is a great way to relieve yourself. Below I listed 5¬†benefits of taking a lavender bath.

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  1. Calming & relaxing – like I said, a lavender bath is good to relax your body and mind
  2. Skin beauty boosting – soaking in warm water will open your pores to clean your skin deeper then your usual shower
  3. Detoxifying – it’s good to sweat a little. Many people go to a sauna to get the same effect you can in your own home. A bath is really good for detoxifying toxins out of your body. For an added detoxifying boost, you can add epsom salt to the water
  4. Lowers blood pressure & improves circulation – being immersed¬†in water causes our heart to beat faster and helps improve circulation. It’s like getting a workout – without working out
  5. Helps you sleep – because of the warm water and the relaxing scent, you body is more likely to go into a deeper sleep

How to take a lavender bath: add 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil, like this one, to luke warm or warm bath water

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