Morning Routine Ideas


I don’t know about you, but for me, mornings are rough. My alarm goes off and my sluggish self reaches over to press snooze. I do this a few more times before reaching for my phone and going through my missed notifications. For the first hour of the day, I don’t want to be bothered or talked to, and forget doing anything important, because I’ll mess it up. This does not work and it throws my entire day off.

In an attempt to do better at mornings, I’ve come up with a few ideas that have really helped me. Feel free to use some, none, or all of my ideas to give you a better morning for a better day!

First Thing, Water

Once the alarm goes off, get up and drink a cold glass of water. A cold glass of water will wake up your entire body. Many health junkies recommend doing this, as well, stating that it eliminates toxins, rehydrates you, and boosts your metabolism. I can feel the cold water go straight through my body making me feel instantly more alert and awake.

Wash Your Face

If drinking the cold water still didn’t do it for you, wash your face. I always begin washing with warm water to open my pores and finish with cold water. The cold water on my face wakes up my eyes and feels so refreshing. I love washing my face right after waking up, because it gives my moisturizer and eye cream enough time to dry before putting on my makeup.

A Good, Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast in the morning should be obvious, but many times we end up rushed or “not in the mood”. Breakfast is one of the meals we can’t afford to skip. Literally, breakfast means break the fast. It gets our metabolism going again. There are various studies out there stating that breakfast can help us loose weight and provides us sustainable energy throughout the day.

Work Out

Working out in the morning is another way to wake you up and provide you with energy all day. I don’t usually work out for long. I do some squats, sit ups, and running   (either in place, outside, or up & down the stairs) and that’s enough for me. Just something to get your blood moving will do the job.

Morning Meditation

I don’t meditate every morning but on the days I do, I notice the entire rest of my day is more productive and clam. Also, I am less quickly to react, get upset, or frustrated with whatever comes up that day. I also notice that my brain is quicker to think and I’m more focused.


Lumosity is a brain training website. Everyday they give you a set of games to play that help you improve speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving. This is membership site but they do offer some of the gams for free. The games are pretty fun and it takes me about 15 minutes to get through.


Affirmations are usually “I am” statements that get you in a positive frame of mind. You can say them in your mind or out loud. They really help with taking on the world. Many things come up during the day that can get me down, but saying my affirmations in the morning helps me keep my outlook strong and focused throughout the day.

For example:

“I am prepared for whatever comes my way”

“I am abundant in my finances and relationships”

Let me know in the comments, what you do to make for a better morning!


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