How I Survived 1 Year with No Job

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7 Ways To Make Money

I never thought I’d be the one to not work but after being laid off last year, looking at my options, not working was the best thing I could do for myself. I was taking 5, 4 credit classes in college, attempting to build a side business, and running leadership trainings. I had a full schedule as it was and unemployment was an option for me. I figured that I would take a few months off, live off my unemployment, and then get back to work. After several failed, job searching attempts, I realized that having the rest of the school year off would give me time to focus on the things I really wanted to focus on, like creating this blog. The greatest part of all of it, was that I haven’t been late on one bill.

Sometimes unemployment comes unexpected and sometimes we’re just looking to make extra income, either way, this post is for you. Here are a list of ways to make extra income:


  1. User Testing – This is a site that pays you to review websites. You take the texts by recording yourself talking as you browse the websites. They pay you $10 per test and I was getting about 1-2, 20 minute tests per week.
  2. Field Agent – This is an app that you download on your phone. While you are out and about, you can check the app to see if there are any jobs nearby. They pay you to take pictures in the store and review them. Most jobs pay around $6 but, every once and a while they pay $10-20 per job for 20 minutes of work.
  3. Poshmark – Sell used clothes on this website. I have an entire stock full of clothes in my closet right now. The great thing about Poshmark, is that after making 10 sales, you can start buying wholesale, retail value clothing items. Buy low, sell high, and start your own online shop. Use code NHMFR for $5 off your first purchase on Poshmark.
  4. Tradesy – Another clothes selling app. I notice that on this one, designer items are popular. This is a good app to sell used designer bags. Use this link to get $20 off your first purchase of $50 or more.
  5. Glyde – Sell used electronics. Pretty self explanatory. You can make a lot of extra money this way.
  6. Skillshare – Teaching classes online. This website makes it super simple to design, upload, and teach online classes. I have 2 classes now. Using this link will give you 3 months of premium membership to the site for only $0.99. Enroll in my classes here: Goal Design & Project Organization
  7. Borrowing money  – only resort to this if it is your last and only option. Yes, I did have to reach out to family and friends, a few times to make my payments on time. I knew I would be able to pay them back and that is the only circumstances I would have asked.

The internet is filled with plenty of ideas to make money. Money should never be an excuse to not pay your bills or to not have something you want. These are just the options I used to make money, do some exploring, you will find tons of options online, from Uber to selling artwork, to eBay and fiverr. I hope this post will bring you extra money. Let me know if you plan on using any of the above ideas in the comments below!


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