How to Trust the Universe in Tough Times

It’s really easy to get caught up in worry, but 85% of what we worry about, never happens. It’s also easy to get really down and frustrated when things are beginning to look like they are not going our way, but 100% of the time they are.

Wait, what? Back track…things are always going in our favor? YES! How can I be so sure? Every single time something has looked like it was bad, later down the line, I could see why it happened and why it needed to happen, for something better to come along. Ok, that usually doesn’t calm our fears because we don’t want something better, we want what we want. When we begin to trust the universe, we usually get what we want, even if the path to get there looks crooked. Take the path the universe gives you and what you want will be more secure, more strong, and better then you could have imagined then if it had happened ‘your way’. Your way isn’t always the best way but the universe’s way is always the best best way and the only way. Think about it. The universe can see all, you can only see so little.

For me, I like to be in control. I like to force outcomes to go my way. I’m a ‘my way or the highway’ kind of girl. Learning to trust, has been difficult but so rewarding. I’m calm, I’m relaxed, and life flows much more naturally and easily. Getting what I want has become so much easier since trusting, instead of controlling.

The key to trust is looking for the connection during the stress and chaos, and letting go. We often times, get so caught up in the stress and nightmare of what is happening, that we don’t look for the good. We think that if it doesn’t look a certain way, it’s not going to happen the way we want it to. Begin to look for the good and let go of the outcome. Rest assured that the universe is just making some adjustments for you to have exactly what you are looking for.

Let go and let God.

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